Expanding the available skil/spell slots?

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (graymere@zipcon.net)
Date: 07/23/02

Ok, I realize that when you muck with the skill/spell slots in standard
circle you are messing with the binary Pfile.  However, I'm using ASCII
Pfiles and am wondering if there is more required to up the skills/spells
than just expanding the numbers?  Say if I set MAXSPELLS to 250
and MAXSKILLS to 350 (and increase the numbers of the other things like
DAMTYPES, etc) I'd then have available a much larger number of slots,

Are there any risks or caveats here?  I haven't tried this yet, but
looking at my perspective class system and how I want to be able to add as
much flavor as possible to my mud (why should a bunch of classes cast the
same spell, when they can all cast different versions if you have the
spell slots) this is something I'm interested in knowing more about.

Thanks for any assistance!


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