[OASISOLC] Questions Asked, Comments Needed

From: Mythran (kip_potter@hotmail.com)
Date: 09/02/02

There has been a lot added to OasisOLC.  I haven't received much in the way of bug reports, nor have I received much in the way of ideas (other than the original ideas I received last month).  So, I have been hacking away at Oasis.

I am removing config.c for the OasisOLC patch.  There is no need for it after cedit has been finished.  This new command modifies everything that used to be in config.c.  Any reason why it should be kept?

I am thinking about adding in another additional command, pedit.  This command will allow administrators to modify players on the fly.  Comments on this topic is needed.  If you have a comment or pointer on the subject, let me know please.

Also, the OasisOLC bug email has been broken.  I will NOT be able to fix it as of now.  DNS's for my host have been changed on a more permanent basis and I don't think I will work on it until I need to next year.  So, if you have a bug report, send it to kip_potter@hotmail.com or mythran@sbcglobal.net.

I have heard rumors of sedit being broken.  Of course, to me they are only rumors as I haven't seen any bugs nor been able to duplicate these bugs on my stock versions that I have....the last time I have seen sedit being broke was in the patch for CircleMUD30bpl14.  Yes, that long ago...(what was it, only a year or two ago???)

Anywho, I NEED MORE COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS!  The following list of commands are commands that have been added for the next OasisOLC dist.:


plist -> maybe, depends on comments and suggestions

Also, with these new commands, comes a change for OasisOLC.  These changes modify what OasisOLC used to be, just an OnLine Creation utility.  Now, it is an OnLine Creation and Mud Modification utility (OLC-MM).  But, for what they do, I believe they will enhance Oasis rather than destroy what it should be.

Comments, Questions, SUGGESTIONS are welcome 25 hrs a day 8 days a week (except those days with names ending in 'day').

Heh, thanks

Mythran (kip_potter@hotmail.com)

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