[NEWBIE] bpl22 patching..

From: Peter d (death_comes_to_all@hotmail.com)
Date: 10/05/02


i just finished hand-patching bpl21 to bpl22..
i got one error.. in comm.c
} prompt_display[] = {  <------ this line is the problem.. illegal
      { 0,              GET_INVIS_LEV(d->character),    0,                              "i%d " },
      { PRF_DISPHP,     GET_HIT(d->character),          GET_MAX_HIT(d->character),      "%dH
" },
PRF_DISPMANA,   GET_MANA(d->character),         GET_MAX_MANA(d->character),     "%dM " },
PRF_DISPMOVE,   GET_MOVE(d->character),         GET_MAX_MOVE(d->character),     "%dV " },


and another thing for those who know anything about this.. i had a different
prompt system don't remember the snippet from the ftp.. but this one showed
exits, exp, and gold, i am not interested in these, but i want the colours
that differed when damaged or low in mana.. can anyone help me get that into
the code again with this new version?
Thanx :)

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