Re: [OasisOLC] New Patch

From: Mythran (
Date: 10/24/02

From: "Tseran" <Tseran@SEXMAGNET.COM>
> Any word on this Mythran?  I am curious to get some of the new things
> installed in the system.
> I will have to sit down and write down some of the ideas I had on Oasis
> on my next day off.  I know I had them ;)

Lol, nice.

Yes, here is the "official" word on OasisOLC.  Blah!!!  Heh, it is being of now, it is almost finished.  Sorry it has taken me several months to
do, but within this small amount of time, my grandmother-in-law died as well as
my grandmother's sister.  So, funerals up the ying-yang.  I am currently updating
my network and upgrading my servers to RedHat 8.0, which will take some
I predict in the near future.  So many unpleasantries must take place for the
small amount of time the pleasantries last.


Cedit??? What's Cedit??? -> New OasisOLC command

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