[OasisOLC] New Patch

From: Mythran (kip_potter@hotmail.com)
Date: 10/08/02

A new patch should be ready this weekend.  This will NOT be the complete new version I believe.  It will just be an update with a few of the new features....here are a few changes I have planned:

New Menu Command:
[D] command in redit.  (Deletes a room).

New Commands:
RLIST - Lists rooms for a given range or zone.
MLIST - Lists mobiles for a given range or zone.
OLIST - Lists objects for a given range or zone.
CEDIT - Game configuration tool.  Configurates the game constants and variables found in constants.c run-time.
RDELETE - Deletes a room.

I can't remember what else...heh, can't look as my Linux server is down at the moment.

I would have had a patch out already, but my grandmother-in-law just passed away and we have been helping out my wife's family to help them get through it.  With that in consideration, I just might not be able to make my deadline of this weekend.  But I will try my darndest.


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