Re: [NEWBIE] spell_level()

From: Brian (
Date: 11/04/02

> --- peter dahlgren <peter_dahlgren2002@YAHOO.SE> wrote:
> > and another thing, if i want 6 classes in total, 1 first class [0],
> > and 5 multi classes(additions)... should i have [5] or [6]? i don't
> > know if the zero counts as a number here...

"Shane P. Lee" wrote:
> Yes, Zero counts, but the array value should always be one number
> higher. What you should have is 'chclass[NUM_CLASSES ++]' which

Um, what?  I'm hoping you mean 'chclass[NUM_CLASSES + 1], because
attempting to increment a constant does a whole lot of nothing (and
results in a compilation error).

> is more portable. On a side note, since 'class' is a reserved
> keyword for C++, it's something that should be avoided.

'class', like all other tokens in C and C++ is unique from any
combination of it and other characters.  That is, 'chclass' is no more
likely to collide with 'class' than 'rutabaga' and 'Class' are.  Unless
you think 'chClass' or 'ch_class' is a bit more readable, there's no
reason to change this variable name.

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