[NEWBIE] spell_level()

From: peter dahlgren (peter_dahlgren2002@yahoo.se)
Date: 11/04/02

Hey there, well, this is like the third time i post today :)

but i encountered a problem which hinders me from continuing to make my multiclass system work.. as some who read my earlier posts might have read, i have altered the chclass in char_file_u, i was uncertain if i should alter the one in char_player_data aswell... i altered it into an array chclass[5] to be able to have multiple classes without having to put in a definition for every class... i also put in class_level[5] to separate class level from total level.

 what i need to know is... where does the code for spell_level() look for the class that is put into the caller for the function. in init_spell_levels.

for an example,


where does it check if the player is CLASS_MAGE? i looked through the code in spell_parser.c but found three if statements and some weird thing in the bottom... but no GET_CLASS() anywhere... help me, tell me where to do the check and where to place the for loop to loop through the array...

and another thing, if i want 6 classes in total, 1 first class [0], and 5 multi classes(additions)... should i have [5] or [6]? i don't know if the zero counts as a number here...


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