Re: Unified account with many characters

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 12/09/02

At 02:39 2002-12-09 -0800, tap3w0rm wrote:
> >If somebody sets up a CVS I'd be happy to start development for a
> >3.1 with unified accounts, or, I'll just start without the CVS, but I'd
> >rather not.  I have no machines I can run a CVS server at, and I can't
> >the one for our MUD since I have no remote access to it, except through
> >SSH, and there I only have two shell accounts, so that's a no go.
>One thought
>Cygwin start your progress in Cygwin and setup a CVS system under it
>If you don't know what it is go to download/install it
>And run a bash prompt from your start menu complete with everything
>You would get from a shell account on your machine complete with
>Rpm support. And all the tools you need to get going.

I have a Mac at home. Mainly because I like to have a laptop, and I love
the keyboard, it's lovely to type on, and all I ever do anyway is code
against remote machines, so it's fine with me.  I do know what Cygwin is
though, and I never really liked it.  I prefer a real Linux dist in that
case, I suppose I could use the old Compaq P100 I've got in my closet, but
in that case I need a broadband router and a couple of meters of network
cable, which I am not sure I have.  Can't have the thing running in my
bedroom (where my cable modem sits) since the old bastard makes more noise
than a jetplane.

>It is what I use I compile back and forth with Cygwin and vc++6
>to make Sure I haven't done anything that will not compile under
>a *nix system.

I develop everything straight on the server, with FTP for the source files,
and I compile through the shell.  Easier that way.

>best of luck I am very interested in such a project as well I
>may start on a imp of it for my mud

Would perhaps be better if we made a joint effort, then it'd probably be  a
little better than if we all did one version each. :)  Your call though.


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