Re: [OasisOLC] New Patch Soon

From: Jordan Naas (jmn_223@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 01/01/03

I have downloaded a copy of that oasis patch so I could play around with
it a little.  I don't plan on using this version as I am going to wait
till Mythran fixes Georges list of problems then I'm going to be using
that one.  So far things a looking good though.  Cedit is great. I was
just wondering if you are planning on adding a social editor into the
package.  I personally find that utility to be very useful.  Most of the
patches for aedit are very outdated and require a bit of effort to get to
be compatible with the newer version of circle and oasis. Thats all for
now.  Thanks.

-Jordan Naas

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