Coding idea, and possible implementations

From: Tseran (
Date: 01/05/03

It sounds like a strange idea, but I just added in ITEM_NOTREAL object
flag.  To make it work, I added a check in MORT_CAN_SEE_OBJ and
CAN_GET_OBJ in utils.h.  The first reason I had for this was invisible
keys.  I redid my houses so that you can't enter them unless you are
holding the key, or following someone who does.  But, you can pick the
lock, and if you do, it would give you an invisible key.  This key
would purge itself if it ever touched the ground (another ITEM flag)
but as long as that player was carrying that invisible key, they could
get in.  Later on, I thought of the following other uses.

- Skill checks for detection.  If you succeed, you get an object that
says you did.  From then on, you don't need to detect it again if you
have that object.
- Test quests...if you go through the maze of brambles, you will get a
bramble invisible object, and if you don't have that object, and
somehow make it through the maze with a teleport, the questor will know
you cheated and tell you to do it again.
- Adding some kind of 'flavor' to a player.  If they walk through the
marsh of skunk stench, they will always be carrying a stench object.
If they are stenched, they can't get into the hall of happiness.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Some issues and limitations:
The NOTREAL objects stay with the character as long as they are alive.
if the player dies, they loose it, which doesn't bother me.  However,
if I rework my death system so that it will allow you to transfer all
your objects from your corpse back to your live person, that will
You can set objects as NORENT so that if the player leaves, the object
also leaves.  This way, things you don't want carrying over can do so.
With the implementation I have, immortals with holy light on can affect
it.  While this is nice for being able to find it, it also means
immortals can give it to folks, which makes annoying "gives you
something" messages.  If I also add a check to the immortal see object,
then immortals can't see it...Gah.

Any more input on this idea would be greatly appreciated.
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