Re: [BUG] rather significant memory leaks in 3.1

From: DJMC (
Date: 01/14/03

On Terça, Jan 14, 2003, at 05:00 Europe/Lisbon, Automatic digest
processor wrote:

> While I was trying to iron out the small memory leaks I seem to have
> introduced over some time to the dg script package, my memory
> allocation
> checker told me about one huge chuck of unfreed memory on shutdown.

I have recently started to use gdb and was wondering what program can i
use for finding the memory leaks.?
Thanks in advance for any info on the subjet, as the mud i work on is
on for a month at the time and in the end things start to lag. I supect
a memory leak of somekind but dont know any tools to check it further.

Daniel Correia

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