Re: [OasisOLC] Addition For 2.3

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 01/14/03

On 03-01-14 17.23, "Mythran" <kip_potter@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

> PEDIT - Player Editor Woohoo, I figure in order to use pedit while a player is
> online or offline, we only modify each struct item for the character that was
> modified.  Instead of rewriting the struct for the player.  This way, if the
> player gains exp, gains level, et cetera, we don't mess anything else up.
> This is just one example of things to come!!

The iffy part comes when you are editing an online character. What if the
values on the online character changes? How do you handle that?

> New TEDIT - A virtual editor for TEDIT.  This will also apply for the other
> editors as well.  It will include a builder's choice to have this editor on or
> off.  It will work sorta like the Linux based text editors, but for CircleMUD
> instead.  I already have the source done for it (2 old school coders, kwaj and
> kalten from czech, are responsible for this code and will be accredited
> accordingly).

This will only work if the player connects through a sufficiently smart
terminal, it will totally screw up output in plain MUD clients, won't it?
Hence, you should add checks to the code as well as let the player set it,
so if they change computers, it should default to the basic editor if the
enhanced editor does not work.

> HEDIT - Help Editor (an advanced help editor).
> HOEDIT - House Editor (an advanced house editor).

For these two, please define "advanced."

I have a house editor already, sent to Templar-Viper and one other, we'll
see which one finished a conversion of it to ASCII files for Circle 3.1
first, then you might as well use that as a foundation.

> WEDIT? - World Editor, Links all the other editors together in a main menu
> sorta way.

I think this is a stinkingly horrible idea.  Why would I want another menu
just to select redit for instance?  Ick.  Then I will be stuck in another
layer of menus when I want to exit the editors.

> Let me know what you think...all suggestions and criticism welcome to a large
> extent (no flames please)  Yikes, I just got burned and nobody has even
> started flaming yet!

I think you should give this 2.2 release of OasisOLC at good go of half a
year or so, and several patch releases before you put ANY new features in,
and I am sure that a lot of other people agree.  Otherwise you'll just have
SMAUG all over again.

I don't care about the "features" at all, they are entirely secondary.

I care about stability.  And as it stands now, I have less faith in the
stability of Oasis than I used to, especially since you seem to spend more
time thinking up features than you do actually fixing the bugs already
present in the system, not to mention the bugs created by said features.

Yeah, I know, I am as subtle as a super nova.  Hopefully you will read
between the lines and actually discern my concern, and my attempts at
constructive criticism.

Kind Regards,

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