Re: [OasisOLC] Addition For 2.3

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 01/15/03

On 03-01-15 19.28, "Greg Buxton" <> wrote:

>> What happens if I don't know I am using a really dumb terminal and hit y
> at
>> that prompt, or have it turned on?
> Someone looks at you and says, "What did you do, Ray?"

"I hit yes at the 'enhanced editor' prompt, and apparently the editor is so
enhanced that I need Blowfish to decrypt all the crud on my screen."

> The one large concern I have with this unknown "enhanced editor" is that to
> be like any real text editor (in any OS) it would have to be character
> based,
> yet by nature muds are line based.

If it will use a method of redrawing the entire screen for each change... I
really have to bring out my "Flames 101" book.

On the other hand, if it uses a system like Jed or Pico, and we/somebody can
make it work with CircleMUD with all the arts of terminal detection, then I
am all of a sudden a little more interested.  The first thing that pops into
mind is of course: "full text spell checker."  Of course, I could write one
of those using Ispell and just marking the errant words, but, with a
Jed-like interface I could actually go through the words and change them on
the fly if I wanted.  Pipe dream, yes, I know.

> (And for the record, yes, I was trying to be humorous with my response of
> "Do you wish to use the enhanced editor."  Under the irony of "Ask a silly
> question..." and all that.  Of course, the fact remains that's probably the
> simplest of methods of doing it.  But hey, that's just my opinion... (hears
> a faint voice echo '... but I could be wrong.')

I know, I know. That didn't stop me from making just another smart-assed
reply, did it?  I am like a freight train filled with poorly devised
commentary and gratuitous rants. "Hey, Ray, what's that?!" *smack*


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