Re: Complete Codebase Opinions wanted

From: Chris Ward (
Date: 01/15/03

I wanted to jump in here on the topic of "Complete" codebases and get some
peoples opinions on such beasties. How many people would love to be able to
download a fully modded Circlemud with all the bells and whistles ?, don't
most of us want to have all those nice fancy toys on our mud for our users
to enjoy and play with ? or am I completely wrong here and everyone likes
having few features and having to wonder how to add all those cool things u
see on other muds to your stock mudbase?

Myself I look at the circlemud base as a stable system, but its really
plain, I often wish it came with a ton of built in features so newbie
coders wouldn't have to bang their heads against the wall as often as they
do trying to add simple things to the code that should probably be standard
now, since every mud out there has them patched in already. Like OLC.&
Dgscripts, pretty much every circlemud i've ever been on had both, it just
makes life easier.

How many people would like to see some of the old snippets patched up to
work for your 3.1 code ? how many times have newbie coders felt helpless
when they went searching on the ftp site for documentation on how to add
races, spells, skills and all that fun stuff and found only outdated or
extremely vague information. I hope this generates some serious feedback
and not flames. I would love to hear some opinions from ppl about what they
like don't like, how many would love a complete mud, and why others hate
them. And If their is enough interest I'll release a mud bundle with a
decent amount of mods included, again depending on how much feedback, and
what people tell me they would like included in the bundle.

I think my favs, would be ansi pfiles, easycolor, clan code, auction code,
dgscripts, oasis olc, extended race code, extended class code ...anyone got
something else they wanna add ?

- chris

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