Re: [OasisOLC] Addition For 2.3

From: Mythran (
Date: 01/20/03

> i had an interesting idea pop into my head about an
> addition to oasis. this shoudl be a optional patch
> most of us want our new char's to start with some
> kind of EQ however codeing it in the source for some
> reason has always left me with a bad taste in my mouth
> i woudl like to see a menu where you chose a class/race
> combo and select vnum's of eq you want them to start with
> this woudl also be a good place to set the player start
> room's.
> --

Sorry about being late once again with the release of Oasis.  I am not going
to give excuses I have just been to depressed to work on it (not really, but
most people get away with that excuse!).  Anywho, I will get to it when I
can.  Maybe I can send what I have to someone to finish it up.  The work is
done, the only thing left I believe is part of the post that greer sent.
Besides that, all is well and done (I believe I even patched for 3.1 but
can't remember).  Don't worry, I will be maintaining it.  I am getting
re-married (yes again), and going through hell planning.  Just moved the
data AGAIN.  Anywho, if you would like to just finish up what is there, I
will be happy to send it :)

Anywho, in reply to the message, sounds good.  But, it will be added to the
slew of things that are in the MAYBE - SOUNDS GOOD pile.



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