Re: [newbie] syserr

From: clive screwtape (
Date: 01/22/03

--- "Daniel A. Koepke" <> wrote:
> Put your index files in ascending order.

      i put 5.wld between 4.wld and 9.wld

  CircleMUD is seeing room
> #500,
> which is above the zone with real number 0 (0.zon in stock), but
> below the
> zone with real number 1 (9.zon in stock).

  i didn't see a room#1 in 9.wld, and i didn't have this problem when
i wrote 4.wld, i should also mention at this time that i haven't
a 5.zon file yet, but i also do not have a 4.zon file either.

i found a similar post while going through the archives...
>Mar  6 18:36:25 :: SYSERR: Room #1 is below zone 3.

Make a zone 0, delete room #1, or re-number it.

my mud has a zone 0 already, and i did renumber 5 to 45, it still


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