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From: Jeremy Maloney (
Date: 01/22/03

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Steve Postema wrote:

Hey all,

this is my first post to the list....I have circle3.1-with goodies (Oasis, DGScripts, Ascii Pfiles.)...I've begun to heavily
modify the code, and when I went to add multiple PC attacks from the file attacks.txt on the circle ftp site,
nothing happens....players get 1 attack regardless of if they are set to 9 or 10 or whatever...

After beatin my head on the wall for hours on this...I tried adding attack.txt to a stock circle 3.1 and low and behold it works
great... any ideas on why it works on a non ascii mud vs an ascii? this is the only conclusion I could render..

Thanks in advance,

------------------------> Snip <-------------------------

First off, this is taken from:

If this is the snippet your using, then you need to read the following
which was taken from the snippet itself:

First off, this is the basics as I have already modified beyond the
attack code so I can not do a patch directly. I will do my best to get all
the parts so if you have errors let me know so I can add in the missing
parts. The part of Numattacks was based on zones that were given to me. In
order to use the inteded builders idea's I had to add it in this way for
NPC's. It works that I can see.. I have people testing the code while
I refine it. So far so good. The standard Disclaimer applies. If it breaks
your mud, which I really hope you make a backup of EVERYTHING.. MEANING
mob files too!!!!!!!! As this will alter them as does any OLC.
In the score command I plan on adding in so the player can see how many
attacks he/she has.. You can do this easily.

According to that paragraph, the code is directly affecting mobiles
as well as players. I think what you may want to try one of the
alternative mult-attack snippets located in:

Jeremy M.

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