Circle-3.1 w/goodies!

From: Mark Garringer (
Date: 01/30/03

I have finished work on the 'final' version of Circle-3.1 w/goodies. Below
are the details of what code it features. This version has yet to be
uploaded to the developer site, please contact me directly (off list) if you
are interested in obtaining this package.

This is a package which takes the stock Circle 3.1 code and adds the
-DG Scripts pl9         by Welcor <>
-Oasis OLC 2.0.1        by Mythran <>
-ASCII Player Files 2.1 by,
-Autowiz for APF        by Cathy Gore <>
-HOST save fix for APF  by Cathy Gore <>
-Last login fix for APF by Torgny Bjers <>
-Races guide for bpl21  by Edward J Glamkowski <>
                           Carlos Myers <>
                           Brian Williams <>
                           Henrik Stuart <>
                           TOOIE <>
-Xapobjs 1.2            by Patrick Dughi <>
-EZColor 2.2            by MUD <>
                        by Trevor Man <>
-Object Stacking        by Brian Willaims <>
                           Mathew Earle Reuther <>
-Spoken Language Code   by Frollo <>
                           Brian Borlick <>
                           Izham Syah Mahrome <>
                           Zizazat Lazuras <>
-MUD Mail Fix for APF   by Daniel A. Koepke <>
-Copyover               by Shane P. Lee <>
                        by Erwin <>
-128bit Code            by Niese-Petersen <>
                        by Tony Robbins <>
                        by Templar Viper <>
-Assembly Edit Code     by Geoff Davis <>
                        by Del Minturn <>


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