[NEWBIE] Dibrova Code

From: Eight Ball (eightball@techemail.com)
Date: 02/17/03

Hello all,
I am new to CircleMud's although I have played them for years.
I used to run EW-Too talkers. I have been toying around with Circle code on my laptop lately, which runs Mandrake 9.1 Beta. I downloaded the 4 Dibrova files from ftp.circlemud.org and according to the instrustions all I should have to do is make all, then run the autorun.

But this does not seem to work. IF I make the binary I get no errors, but when I try to run it I get a segmentation fault? So I tried adding in the cfn dir and configure script from circle 3.0. When I try to run make after runnign configure It is plagued with errors and then fails to compile.

HAs anyone tried to get Dibrova to work, and if so what did you do.
I have looked everywhere for any info but as of yet I have failed to find any.


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