Re: [NEWBIE] Dibrova Code

From: Alex (
Date: 02/17/03

> This is the code in question, But I fail to see the error in it?
without the numbering of lines it is tough, but i'm betting that this line
is the problem:
>       if (strcmp(spells[spell_sort_info[a]], spells[spell_sort_info[b]]) > 0)

you'll have to look at that frame in gdb (instructions in the faq), and
take a look at the data in that line.

what is 'a' and 'b'? what is 'spell_sort_info[a]' and 'spell_sort_info[b]'?
what is 'spells[spell_sort_info[a]]', and 'b'?

when you find those things out, that's when the problem will be staring
you in the face.

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