Re: Needing Opinion's on a Fighting Idea

From: Chris Ward (
Date: 03/16/03

>  Basically Keeping Combat running
>off the origional THAC0 system but instead of running automatic combat or a
>regular event based combat that between each "round" of fighting the mud
>would prompt the user for a choice of commands,

I've been thinking about changing my thac0 system around a bit myself but i
think you'll seriously peeve your users off if you interupt the fighting
prompting them to enter commands in between rounds. It sounds like a neat
idea but how much longer is this gonna make a fight, on my own mud i've had
fights last at least 30 minutes real time, quaffing hundreds of healing
potions just to beat some monster, if that system had of asked me for each
additional command during the fight I'd probably have screamed since it
took so long :).

I don't think many players would fancy that type of setup..but it might
work for some mudders who wanted to try something different and fights
didn't last very many rounds.

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