Re: Needing Opinion's on a Fighting Idea

From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 03/16/03

On 16 Mar 2003, at 1:40, Chris Ward wrote:

> >combat or a regular event based combat that between each "round" of
> >fighting the mud would prompt the user for a choice of commands,
> I've been thinking about changing my thac0 system around a bit myself
> but i think you'll seriously peeve your users off if you interupt the
> fighting prompting them to enter commands in between rounds.

The problem is a bit more complicated.  Think about it.  The mud
time is continuously running.  It would indeed look silly for a player
and a mob to "suspend time" in favor of round system.  Also,
there's the problem of combat being held up by a player not
entering a command.  Do we penalize the player and continue
combat or use a default command?

> It sounds
> like a neat idea but how much longer is this gonna make a fight, on my
> own mud i've had fights last at least 30 minutes real time, quaffing
> hundreds of healing potions just to beat some monster,

I personally think there's something wrong with the picture of an
epic battle quaffing hundreds of potions.  This is a common
problem across a lot of muds because of how the system is


Gerald Florence

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