Re: Needing Opinion's on a Fighting Idea

From: Luke Sowa (
Date: 03/16/03

> > >combat or a regular event based combat that between each "round" of
> > >fighting the mud would prompt the user for a choice of commands,
> >
> > I've been thinking about changing my thac0 system around a bit myself
> > but i think you'll seriously peeve your users off if you interupt the
> > fighting prompting them to enter commands in between rounds.
> The problem is a bit more complicated.  Think about it.  The mud
> time is continuously running.  It would indeed look silly for a player
> and a mob to "suspend time" in favor of round system.  Also,
> there's the problem of combat being held up by a player not
> entering a command.  Do we penalize the player and continue
> combat or use a default command?
> > It sounds
> > like a neat idea but how much longer is this gonna make a fight, on my
> > own mud i've had fights last at least 30 minutes real time, quaffing
> > hundreds of healing potions just to beat some monster,
> I personally think there's something wrong with the picture of an
> epic battle quaffing hundreds of potions.  This is a common
> problem across a lot of muds because of how the system is
> designed.

Another option is to have a set of combat moves prechosen by the user as the
fighter's combat routine.
Offensive and defensive actions would be entered in a particular order ahead
of time. And the posture could be set as defensive normal or offensive. The
combat system would cycle through the commands, enacting them when the
situation arises such as block etc. I used to build on a now defunct mud
which had this setup and it was quite effective. We also took out the option
of drinking potions while fighting, I disagreed with that extreme action
instead preferring that we limited the amount of potion material you could

Luke Out

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