Needing Opinion's on a Fighting Idea

From: Jack M. Uren (jimih_@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 03/15/03

This has crossed my mind a few times and i was wondering if anyone has saw
it or attempted doing something similar.  Basically Keeping Combat running
off the origional THAC0 system but instead of running automatic combat or a
regular event based combat that between each "round" of fighting the mud
would prompt the user for a choice of commands, like Final Fantasy.
Players would have three-four command catagory's depending on class, like a
fighter would have Attack(normal hit with weapon) Skill(kick, punch ect..)
Item(quaffing a potion), whereas a mage would have Attack, Skill, Spell,
Item.  It would have to not stop fighting but delay combat until both
players have chosen what they want to do next, and although i havent
figured out a way to do this yet, any comment's or suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

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