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Date: 04/21/03

On Sun, Apr 20, 2003 at 05:31:40PM -0500, Dave Robbins wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Apr 2003 12:58:51 +0700, ????? ????????? ???? wrote
> > Why work so hard? Can't you just make "hidden" exits between rooms
> > and open them when someone makes his path ?
> After cleaning up that mess (the encoding in your response) I'll respond:
> I think what he's looking for is more of a dynamic approach. He wants many,
> many room to have this "path clearing" feature. It would be easier with his
> system to do that than it would be to have all those hidden exits.
> We have yet to hear his response but what it sounds like to me is that he
> wants it to be a more life-like world. Where the descriptions will actually
> change to reflect the new exits and players will have the power to shape the
> world, to an extent, for other players.

I think it could also make other things better, like ranged attacks, and seeing
farther distances.  It's not going to be easy though, that's for sure.

> Your questions raised something I didnt think about with my earlier response.
> What will happen at zone resets? Will the player have to clear a path that
> they already cleared? If so, why bother?

Well, at the most basic if it were a shrub or something, then wouldn't that eventually
grow back?  It depends on how he wanted to do things like rocks and boulders though,
harder to justify their coming back.  But then, with OLC and whatnot, files are being
written to on the fly, so why not do that with "world" files using his system too, if
a new exit is created/hacked away, then those changes get written back to the file.
Hell, even have the write-back be optional, for permanent or temporary changes, which
would simulate organic walls "growing back".

This has been an idea I've been thinking about for a long time, but I have no idea how
to actually program it.  I'd be very interested in it being 3D as well, so you could go
up into the sky (or even down under ground).
As I've thought about it, the "zones" could be defined as a certain type, say forest,
or jungle, or any number of real world area types.  Special things, like buildings,
land marks, could be set at certain coordinates, and they don't naturally move, although
some things could potentially be moved by players, like rolling boulders to close
caves and whatnot.  The zone itself is given a geometry, also in coordinates, like
image maps on the WWW perhaps.  You just setup the various points along the edge of the
"forest", and for everything inside those points the descriptions are generated for the
characters.  The way I see it, you could have things like caves, and they'd link to
another "zone", similar to the way rooms are linked now.

For 3D, you could define the "sky" area of your zone too, and the height you could "fly"
too, although generally I think that should be the same everywhere, since the atmosphere
generally runs out at the same height everywhere. :)

Also as I see it, it would lend more realism to the world.  You'd be able to see farther
than just the room your in, like "You see a dwarf in the distance walking north" or
something.  Ranged weapons would also be more applicable, since there IS actually a
known range.

Now, I have NO idea how to actually program something like this, unfortunately.  I'd love
to be part of the testing though.  Having something like this on my MUD would be a dream.

Anyway, that's just what I think of the idea.  My $0.02 as it were.  But that's Canadian,
so take that into consideration. :)

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