C++ For C Programmers

Part of the CIT Training Program at NIH

Welcome to the home page of C++ For C Programmers, course 560 of the CIT Training Program here at the National Institutes of Health. The class typically consists of 4 lectures, 3 hours each; most recently, it was taught it on April 28 through May 1, 1998. The instructor is Jeremy Elson. The April 1998 session was the fourth time I've taught this class at NIH; previous sessions were held in March, August, and November of 1997.

Class Notes

I try to make all class notes available on this web page as they are written. If you're taking the class, I'd encourage you to not copy down everything written on my slides during the lecture, because that does nothing but distract you from trying to understand the material while it's being presented. Instead, you can just download the notes from this page, which leaves your brain free to understand the material during the lecture.

Day 1 Lecture Notes (April 28, 1998)

Day 2 Lecture Notes (April 29, 1998)

Day 3 Lecture Notes (April 30, 1998)

Day 4 Lecture Notes (May 1, 1998)

Example Programs

Solutions to Homework Assignments

Assignment 1: Implementation of a Stack Class

The specifications of the assignment were given in class on day 2.

The file driver.cc is part of the assignment.

Assignment 2: Arbitrary Precision Integer Math

The specifications of the assignment were given in class on day 3. (Note: if you need a real library for doing arbitrary precision math, I'd suggest GNU's free GMP library.)

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at jeremy.elson@nih.gov

Last Updated: 16 May 1998