Re: Re: getting worse

From: Michael B. Gilliam (
Date: 02/02/94

Well, if my mud was a horse, I would simply shot it now.  I feel like
the harder I work, the sicker it is getting.  I added the char_to_room(mob,0)
to act.wizard.c and recompiled.  Unfortuantely, I can ee no impreovement.
Whereas before I was able to at least vstat obj #, now that crashes the
mud as well.  I believe that it was Doc that asked what version I am
running.  It is CircleMUD 2.2.  I have over 2,000 mobs and 47 zones.  
I have used that little syntax_check that came with the mud, and they
all checked out oki.  Is there a faster way than checking each zone
and each mod file one by one?  I really hope so.  But then again, at 
this point I am willing to do almost anything to get this mud running 
properly once again.  So if anyone out there may have any ideas, no
matter how remote, nor how crazy, I am willing to try anything.  I have
done any and all I can think no avail.


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