Re: Creating new rooms. mobiles, etc.

From: VampLestat (
Date: 02/03/94

On Wed, 2 Feb 1994, Stephen M. Mulcahy wrote:

> I was searching around in ftp land yesterday and i found a dos mud
> editor for diku muds !! > It allows you to create new rooms and mobiles
> from within the actual mud. You can download > old .wld files into it and
> then walk around creating new zones....i tested it today and its great !!

I've used the program before, its called Muditor and allows the creation 
of basic rooms and mobs.  There are a few bugs in the program and its 
really not configurable for new flags and things like that, but its a 
good way to write world files.

For a good configurable off line editor, I'd suggest dikued.  Its 
available at most of the well known dikumud ftp sites including  It will compile on most 
any systems and does wld/mob/obj/zon and you can configure it for the 
specific flags you implement.

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