Network Sockets

From: R.E.F. (
Date: 02/08/94

	Hiya!! Well I have been having problems with the network sockets.
Here is the problem....On some occasions when players are disconnecting
from the MUD, the socket remains in the WAIT_CLOSE state.  Needless to say
the sysop is not very happy about the state of the sockets :).  Anyway,
no changes have been made to the way the MUD handles the sockets or 
any of the files that deal with the Network connections.  We are
running it on Linux (if that has anything to do with it).

	Has anyone else encountered problems like this??  Well, I'm 
desperate for any help I can get since I don't know very much about
network sockets.  

Thanks again,

Glenn @MissionMUD 

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