Re: Network Sockets

From: R.E.F. (
Date: 02/08/94

	Well, I finally figured out when it is leaving those sockets
in the CLOSE_WAIT state.  When the game reboots, people try to login
to it while it is still loading the rooms, the Mobs, resetting the 
zones etc.  In their haste to logon they cut their links in order to 
retry telneting.  However, this does not accomplish anything other 
than an incorrectly closed socket on our end which is reflected in
the CLOSE_WAIT state which the socket ends up in.  

	Needless to say the site admin is still not very happy about
so many lingering sockets.  Anyway, if any of you have an idea as to 
how this can be avoided, please let me know.  I and my sysadmin will
thank you heartily *<8^)

Glenn @MissionMUD

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