Re: Network Sockets
Date: 02/08/94

> 	Well, I finally figured out when it is leaving those sockets
> in the CLOSE_WAIT state.  When the game reboots, people try to login
> to it while it is still loading the rooms, the Mobs, resetting the 
> zones etc.  In their haste to logon they cut their links in order to 
> retry telneting.  However, this does not accomplish anything other 
> than an incorrectly closed socket on our end which is reflected in
> the CLOSE_WAIT state which the socket ends up in.  

If you really think that the CLOSE_WAIT problem is being caused by people
logging in and then cutting link during boot (which it may or may not be),
you can fix it by moving the code that opens the mother descriptor from
the beginning of the boot sequence to the end.


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