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From: Derkhil CatSpawn (
Date: 02/12/94

| I'd also suggest either removing or totally re-working the dwarven area.  
| There are some really bad descriptions, and the whole idea of a quest 
| based on "birth control pills" is annoying.

I know that I started on this a while back - I know that I trimmed the
'quest' part out, and reworked the stats and some descriptions, as well
as giving the d-guards the guard proc and the wraith the spell casting
proc, doing away with the 'grabbed' million coins that the shopkeepers
there had (they weren't that hard to kill..heck, even after I moded them
they didn't warrent 1 mil coins!), lowered the exp on the snakes... all
the good stuff ;)

Anybody have any problems with the shire becoming a "real" newbie area
(as opposed to a seriously un-balanced area that ANYBODY can be happy
killing away in) ?  I've got a fundamental disagreement with the idea
of loading nearly every room with 4-5 or more each of mobs with too 
much gold and exp for their degree of I see 3 main
alternatives - axe the Shire, make it a less 'rich' and more for 
newbies, or boost things to make it a 9th+ area.  Any preferrences/
comments on the Shire?  One thing that _will_ happen - the day-care
will be gone... G O N E.  Killing young halflings just isn't sporting
or much of a "room" idea IMO... 

More in a little bit... gonna post the basic area list I'm going to
draw from, along with possible changes, ideas, etc, so I can get a
response from those who will likely be using these tiny*s :)

Danny Baker

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