Re: stupid newbie question

From: Ja vel Bosdal (
Date: 03/10/95

Hmmm.. Well, not all unix systems are created equal.. In fact, the one we 
use 'Solaris' doesnt even have a patch command..  Its possible the 
command is different for 'diff' on your system..  We have to use diff and 
have it output a script for 'ed' to use in order to patch our code.  If 
you have a linux book, try to find out if there is a similiar command.  

A side note, I tried to install patches on my other account, and they 
seemed to lock up as well.. would have to kill the task cause it would 
just sit there and do nothing for about 10 minutes.. and that is with the 
patch command.

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On Fri, 10 Mar 1995, Melissa wrote:

>    So, how do I use a patch file in linux? Tried about every way I could 
> think of, and most just lock me up. Guess I should have installed the 
> manual pages, but then I wouldn't have enough room left for Circle!
>   Sidethought... typing 'diff' by itself responds with command not found. 
> Is this a command from a package I didn't install? Sorry for this, only 
> had Linux for 4 weeks now...

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