Re: stupid newbie question

From: Kilkenny (
Date: 03/10/95

On Fri, 10 Mar 1995, Ja vel Bosdal wrote:
> Hmmm.. Well, not all unix systems are created equal.. In fact, the one we 
> use 'Solaris' doesnt even have a patch command..  Its possible the 

Solaris does have patch.. make sure the path for the command is in you PATH

It should be in /usr/bin

> A side note, I tried to install patches on my other account, and they 
> seemed to lock up as well.. would have to kill the task cause it would 
> just sit there and do nothing for about 10 minutes.. and that is with the 
> patch command.

If you don't specify a filename it's waiting for input from stdin..

The correct syntax is: patch < filename
                        This one is necessary! :)

Those man-pages is really helpful.. *hint hint* ;)

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