Re: internal color/codes

From: Melissa (
Date: 03/16/95

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Andy Davidoff wrote:

> so when you wish to stick a color code in something, how do you call it?
> 2 functions?
> fix_color(ch, string);
> send_the_sucker_out(ch, string)
> i still think direct act() manipulation (a simple line for every color)
> is much more elegant... :P
   I'll take this one. If you are referring to Brett's thingy... Just add 
it anywhere you wish! No function calls, no arguments, no shit! I have 
added it everywhere, and it is working excellent. (Found the prob. Brett, 
had an extra line in the array).
  e.g. send_to_char("You found &+W%d platinum, &+Y%dgold, &+w%d silver, 
and &+y%d copper.\r\n", GET_ALL_THE_MONEY_STRINGS ;)
  So, unless a nasty bug shows up down the road (doubtful) I reccomend 
this as the most viable color code. Works well in and out of code!

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