Circle 3.0 utils

From: Christopher J. Dickey (
Date: 04/18/95

While everyone was busy spamming with flames, no one seemed to cover a 
question I was curious about.  Has anyone fixed all of the utils?  The 
only reason I ask this is that if no one has, I could sit down for a few 
minutes and fix them for posting here.  If someone has, let me know so I 
don't spam the news group with old stuff.

BTW, it's funny how each of us have a different idea of what a newbie 
question is, and what isn't, and I'd imagine that it has to do with each 
of our levels of ability as far as coding is concerned.  I do agree that 
a newbie question which doesn't need to be asked though is one that can 
be answered by simply looking through the docs/READMEs/directories, etc.
So please expect a little annoyance from people if the question falls 
under this area, and further, don't go off filling the mailing list 
with MORE flames.  If you want to add flames at will, you should be 
posting them somewhere else, like r.g.m.d.  Just my $0.02.

Thanks in advance,
Hey look, no mud advertisement :P~  - at least not yet :)

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