Re: Circle 3.0 utils

Date: 04/19/95

I don't think all of them have been fixed.  I myself fixed autowiz.c, 
show_players (or whatever it's called :), the one for purging players, 
and a few others.  Wld2Html.C is new, so.  It's lacking an entry in the 
Makefile, btw (at least, I failed to find one).  I'll be willing to hand 
over the fixed versions of the ones I did, although I must say that the 
wizlist/immlist is not updated frequently enough.

I think it'd be a good idea to have them reload (and remove/add any 
imms/wizs) with the Advance command if current level of victim is >= 
LVL_IMMORT before demoting, and check argument if it's >= LVL_IMMORT for 
rereading the wizlist (this is already done I believe).  Doing the same 
for the SET command would be cool.

/Spawn@KrimsonMud -- whom pleads not guilty to charges of flaming.\

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