Re: This mail does not mention the word 'flame' once.

From: Alastair Neil (
Date: 04/19/95

>On Tue, 18 Apr 1995, Anthony Spataro wrote:
>> The other mod took me quite a while to figure out; I did quite a few
>> stupid things and learned quite a bit about the source before I got it
>> right.  What it does is combine objects of the same type when displaying
>> lists of objects, i.e.
>> a smoking joint
>> a smoking joint      becomes        [3] a smoking joint
>> a smoking joint

I did something similar, but my mod compresses the whole output stream
by searching the buffer for consecutive identical lines. Thus I have:

(5*) A cityguard is standing here.


(6*) A cityguard massacers you with his hit to the body.

etc. reduces spam in combat.

to compress object lists and mob lists I just sort the lists so all the
like objects
and mobs are next to each other.

Ich habe Dinge gesehen, die ihr Menschen niemals glauben wuerdet. Gigantische
Schiffe, die brannten draussen vor der Schulter des Orion. Und ich habe
C-Beams  gesehen - glitzernd im Dunkeln nahe dem Tannhaeuser Tor. All diese
Momente werden verloren sein in der wie Traenen im Regen.
                                Zeit zu sterben... 

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