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Date: 05/31/95

On Wed, 31 May 1995, Sergio Ricardo Ferreira Macedo wrote:

> > On Tue, 30 May 1995, Matthew R. Harold wrote:
> > 
> > > How do I change the Immortal levels from Level 31 to Immort or something 
> > > of that nature?
> > 
> >  If you talking about when you type who it displays [immortal] instead of 
> > the [war 51] you edit the 'do_who' code to check GET_LEVEL(ch) == 51 then 
> > make it so it prints "immortal" instead of whatever.
> > 
> >   If you talking about making immortal level 50 instead of 31, you have a 
> > job in front of you... You need to change the #defines in structs.h so 
> > that immort = 50; god = 51 and so on, then you need to go threw the 
> > constants.c and add a lot to the  code there. Also you will need to 
> > change a lot of the spells.c code as well. You need to hunt out all the 
> > level sensitive arrays, and extend them to handle over 34 levels. 
> 	Concerning this problem: Is anyone preparing a FAQ? I already
> asked this "level improvement" stuff and I think almost every
> new Imp that appears will ask for it (as well for a "how to add spells,
> skills, whatever). A sample code or a "Where in the code are the parts
> to be changed" guide would be really nice.
> 	I would do it, if I knew the other parts too... :) I just started
> to try to change the levels and still didn't "snooped" enough in the code
> to find the other parts (specially concering the spells...) to be changed.
> 	BTW, besides the saving throw tables, what else do I need to change
> to raise the levels...

As I recall...Its been 4 months since I did this.

You have to add to the backstab multiplier table in constants.c
The title/exp table in constants.c
The various god levels and there numbers in structs.h
(note) dont change the names of the variables in structs.h if you dont
      want to have to go through every chunk of the code and change every
      other refrence to a new variable name.
If you are adding god lvls you have to change all the command lvl assignments
in interpreter.c 
Hmmm...I am sure I am missing something, but if I think of it I will mail 
it out.

I would be all willing to help write a FAQ concerning all these basic 
coding about everyone interested send me a note and 
we can discuss who will add what code/directions...I think it would save
this list a LOT of time if we answer these questions once and for all:)

Gargamel...Imp of Phoenix Mud( 4000)

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