Re: core debugging

From: Ryan (
Date: 05/31/95

On Wed, 31 May 1995, Stefan Rensing wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am currently upgrading from 'heavily modified' (TM) pl7 to pl8 by using
> diff..... driving me nuts... ok, ok, I shouldn't have done it but you
> understand me, do you ? ;-)
> The mud now compiles but is running very unstable. As it is impracticable
> to do RTC on the running mud because of inconvenience to the players or
> my small hard disk (if I have to copy the whole mud) I'd really like to
> debug the core file. According to the dbx man page this should work with
> dbx corefile - unfortunately this only leads to a 'core - not an executable
> file' message or something like it. BTW, I'm running a SUN LX with Solaris
> 2.3.

ok, first of all you should see if your system has gdb installed, if you 
do, then use that.. It's nicely setup, and pretty easy to use.  
As for your core is not executable file, well you need to put your 
bin/circle file in that argument's place, followed by your core file.. ie.

gdb circle/bin/circle circle/lib/

the first argument after gdb is the executable, the second is the core 
file.  Hope this helps.

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