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From: Mamie Louie Lew (
Date: 08/03/95

. .Would it be possible to receive a listing of the CircleMUDs?.. In 
addition, I would like to add an entry if it has not been added yet.. 
telnet 6666
Circlemud version 3. patchlevel 7
This mud is a highly modified CircleMUD with changes occurring very 
frequently.  It is in need of a Great Coder for at the moment, there are 
perhaps 30 to 40 Gods/Wizards that are just exploding with ideas, but 
need a talented/skilled expert of C to implement or at least spring life 
from the many ideas and projects already in progress.  The Mud players 
are very friendly and are even willing to help the gods with progress and 
so forth.  There is little if any profanity present, and quests occur 
every day.  But the mud still needs a coder with spare time in order to 
set it apart from the others even more.. .. 
. ..  Getting back to the point.. . If you would please try to find a 
coder, we would be very grateful.. .We need help as we are trying to get 
an OLC(or other type of Online Building System) in order for the many 
builders to build while being in contact with the fellow Gods.. Pausing 
screens, new spells, new skills, new races/classes, more colors, more 
intelligent mobs, and a few other advancements require some coding help 
or assistance.  Any idea when the original OLC will be finished if at 
all?. ..

							Brent Lew.. 
						Misery[105 Dw-Ap]


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