Re: Wait States

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/03/95

> Its probably not a great idea to make all changes to player files only in the 
> descriptor data.  That's more for dealing with the player's state of 
> connectedness, and whatever...  it is easy to expand the player structure
> without corrupting the player files - for example, all those 'sparen' entries
> in player_specials_saved or whatever can be made into lots of things (just
> don't change their type).  And if you want to add something to the player file
> that isn't saved but only applies while logged on then it won't corrupt the
> player files at all to add it.  Just make sure you initialize it properly in
> db.c.

I'll check into the player-file routines and see how reasonable it would 
be to expand the data structure.  I had assumed the playerfile was read 
in directly as a block rather than piece by piece. <thot>

> Another thing, it seems kinda unrealistic for everyone in the room to see 
> "The ball of energy pierces Thruvius for _exactly_ 43 damage!"... 
> Just my 2 cents...

Yup.  They won't know how much damage until later.  For example, levels 1 
to 4 will just see the 'hit' messages, level 6 to 12 will see an 
approximation, 13 and higher will see a closer figure, and so forth.  
Levels 26 and higher might see the exact damage.  Basically, it's a play 
on the experience of the character.

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