Re: File Transfer?

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/07/95

> > thing.  A MUD is meant to serve a game,  ftp daemons are meant to serve 
> > files, and as such each is better at their job the the other could ever 
> > be :)  
> Hahaha that's for sure! Imagine writing a ftp daemon that was designed 
> like a mud? Hah.. you'd have to wander n,s,e,w,u,d to goto the 
> directories.. heh.. you could delete files by typing "kill file", etc, 
> etc heh.. Interesting concept :)

There's already a 3D-ftp client that, with the right equipment, lets you 
ftp through a VR setup.  A friend of mine had the chance to try one; I 
think IBM developed it, I'm not certain.  Rather amusing, actually.  I'd 
like to see a MUD developed in this fashion, and I believe I have the 
contacts to accomplish such a function.

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