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From: Herbert Kremser (
Date: 08/07/95

On Mon, 7 Aug 1995, root wrote:

> Hello,
>   I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to inccorporate file transfer into
> CircleMud 2.20 code?
>   Here's what I mean by file transfer. I'd like players to be able to transfer
> files to the mud server site, and get files. I'd also like players to be able
> to transfer files to/from each other. I've heard of the InterMud project which
> allows file transfers between mud servers, but that's not really what I want.
>   So, is it possible (and practical) to code file transfer between the client
> and the server?

Actually, no it's not possible.
The main reason lies in your question. You speak of file transfer between
client and server. The point is there's a server, but no client.  ;)
This is a good thing IMHO, so everybody can mud, he just needs raw telnet 

Of course it wouldn't be a bad thing to allow downloading of, say, 
townmaps, helpfiles etc, maybe start writing a client, and make that 
downloading thing optional, if you use that special client.

The actual implementation in the server wouldn't be that hard i guess, if 
you just make a start/end sequence for each portion of the file you send, 
so the client would know what is file and what player output. Of course
you would have to make sure, that this sequence never appears in the file,
so maybe you just transfer in ASCII and build in uudecode into the client,
for binaries. Or just put the info about the length of current file portion
in the header, so you could send binaries too. Maybe even put in a 
"got file part ok" message from client, so the server would know when to 
send next part.

So the main part would be, to write a new client.  =)

just some quick thaughts


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