Re: A Circle 2.2 thingy

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/13/95

> > I have no problems executing a background task; often I 'autorun &' if 
> > the process was somehow halted and the server didn't compensate.  And I 
> > just telnet 0 4000 to get into the MUD (using the port suffix appropriate).
> > 
> > However, my question is how would I call up a game of CircleMUD while I 
> > was in the debugger?  "circle" runs fine on its own, but it's a matter of 
> > calling up a game of it.  Unless I run the debugger as a background process.
> Right, I know you can run background processes.  The problem is you can't 
> run the debugger as a background process (and still be able to acess it's 
> full potential).  What I was trying to explain is how you can run the 
> debugger in the foreground and still get into the mud.

Okay, so I would end up executing the debugger, then jumping back into 
the shell while the debugger was on hold and call up CircleMUD?  Would I 
have to execute CircleMUD in the debugger as a background process, or 
could I?

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