Re: Core files

From: DoDGeR (dodger@WPI.EDU)
Date: 08/13/95

ron> What I want to do is determine, from a core file, where a problem is, ie: 
ron> where the program (CircleMUD in this case) halts.  That way I may be able 
ron> to determine where the bug lies.

ok... first add -g to the MYFLAGS list.

then, add the line limit coredumpsize unlimited to your .login or just type it
at the prompt.

the, when the game crashes, and says: 'Segmentation fault: Core Dumped'
go to the circle directory and type: gdb (or dbx) bin/circle lib/core

once in the debugger, type where to see where the program crashed, and then
type quit to get out.
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