Re: circle mud - code submission (fwd)

From: Curtiss Cicco (
Date: 08/21/95

On Mon, 21 Aug 1995 11:13:17 -0500 (CDT) you said:
>About 2-3 years ago I wrote an Eliza system in C++.  Apparently on MUDs
>it is not very possible to hold conversions with NPCs. My C++ eliza
>system could easily solve that.  Even though your code is in C, I believe
>it would be possible to link C++ code into C.  If not I would be
>willing to convert it to C for your MUD.  All you would have to do is tell
>me the interface that you would like to use.
>  int initNPCchatsystem(); //could possibly return error codes
>  int loadNPCchatfile(int NPCidnumber); //possibly return error codes
>  char* talkwithNPC(int NPCidnumber,char* ingoingmsg);  //returns what
>						//was replied.
>  int uninitNPCchatsystem();
>Or some similar method.
>I envision when a PC uses the 'tell <person>' command, that the string
>that is send by that command will be passsed to the talkwithNPC(  ) function.
>The string returned from talkwithNPC will be said back to the teller.
      The mobprogram offers a basic structure that partially
accomplishes this, it could be expanded upon to achieve more
complexity to it.


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