Re: Is it possible....

From: Steve (
Date: 10/17/95

On Mon, 16 Oct 1995, Steven R. Nevid wrote:

> Hello I was wondering if it is at all possible for a circle mud to 
> recieve not only the IP address of the person connected but also the 
> username of the person connected. This would just make it unecessary to 
> have to finger a site and see whom is doing a telnet to the mud address. 
> This would mainly be used for being able to have the email addr of the 
> perpotrator (spelling on that one) who messes around.
> I have heard in passing that this had been done, but I am not sure if it 
> has been done on a circle mud.. Thanks.
if your talking about ident (RFC-1413 or somethin like that), it 
basically finds a file descriptor, then telnets back to the host which 
teh file descriptor is connected from, then if the machine has an identd 
installed as well, it says well i got this person on file descriptor ## 
what is his login name/number, what system are you runnig, and a few 
other stupid questiosn, this then can be stored in a variable to be used 
as the persons login name...

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