Re: Using lex and yacc for parsing

From: Naved A Surve (
Date: 10/31/95

In message <> you said:
> Although CircleMUD has its good sides, it needs some basic things done first
> before new features are added:

You made some worthwhile suggestions towards the development of CircleMUD,
however, ask yourself at what point do you continue to 'revise' an existing
base and when do you just start from scratch?  You were suggesting some
changes in the fundamental ways in which a CircleMUD operates.  take away
its command interopreter, and data file formatting, and data structures, and
all you have left are some sockets! (slight exagguration) If you are going
to invest the effort to make such a widespread revision to CircleMUD you may
as well do the job properly and write your mud from scratch.


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