re: ugly ^M's in redit/iedit

From: Levork (
Date: 11/02/95

The ^M's in the world files and object files come from having to add \r\n
in modify.c, which I thought not necessary until I had builders playing
from VAX machines (any room descs they add came out as one long line on 
their machine until the next reboot). 

So modify.c should be adding \r\n, but db.c also adds \r\n when it reads
in the desc fields from the world files. Eventually this piles up... 

The only solution I think is to strip out all the \r's before fprintfing 
them to disk. You probably have a far more inventive (and probably a 
safer) solution that mine, which was to fork off a 
  system ("tr -d \'\\r\' < %s >; mv %s", <filename 4 times>)
but I was just lazy. =)


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